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Anonymous: God your art makes me drool would you take a Mademoiselle Noire on gaia?? =q= 

gosh thanks!! i dont really do gaia commissions any more but if you want you can message me off anon???

Anonymous: Hey I saw your drawings and they're so good! Do you think you could make a mermaid with long straight brown hair and eyes, and a white tail? I've never seen a mermaid drawn with a pretty white tail and I think you would kill it! 

hi thank you sorry i’m super busy at the moment and not taking requests. i might be doing a few more mermaids in the future but i really like making them colourful which i don’t think i can do with just brown and white ;0;

Anonymous: You want to know something? You're cool. I like you. 

whispers im actually a huge dork ;; ; 

steamedbunnies: crepes on u 

waffles away


Gosh I get the whole no one owns a style POV but seriously, some people (who have put me on their watchlist) try to draw exactly as I do, take all compliments about ‘their’ style without a second thought, and never acknowledge my work in their faves/comments/whatnot. Basically, pretending my work doesn’t exist while they copy it to the best of their ability. So…I can’t help but feel used by a ‘parasite’.

I hope those people will add something unique into their art, instead of following the recipe exactly and pretending they made it up themselves, while crunching the original recipe under their boot.

There’s a difference between inspiration and flat out copying, and unless you’re willing to experiment and try new combos, you’ll never be able to make a style you can really “own”.

Strive to develop your own style, not so you can claim all rights to it, but so you can feel powerful and proud as a creator who is fresh and evolving, rather than a static photograph of something that already exists.

weep slowly redoin this
Anonymous: Are you ok? 

hi! i think you sent me this ask twice? ? and hopefully this is you as well

i think i’ll be honestly i dont know but please dont worry about me i’m fine

Anonymous: nerd 

w0w thnx m8

Anonymous: your icons are adorable!! im a beginner in pixel art and i noticed that you shade your outlines of the pixel, can you teach me how to choose the right colours to shade the lines? 

hi thanks! there really isn’t much to choosing colours but it does come with experience. honestly whenever i colour anything i do it by eye and see if i feel a colour is missing somewhere or not. i have an old post on picking colours and i think i might have had a whole bunch of pixel questions which you can find under my tag tips

Anonymous: are you going to post your commissions here and if yes will it be in batches or separate? i just want too see more examples to see if i really want to buy a commission :) 

hiya! i don’t take commissions via tumblr because when i have it’s just been really disorganised on my part;; ; um i do, do commissions on deviantart, they aren’t open at the moment but whenever i do i have a whole but of examples of the style i’m offering

Anonymous: why do you call yourself and art trash? 

sorry i’ve been letting this kind of stew in my inbox for a while but um well most of the time i don’t exactly like all my art, all the time and that’s fine. i don’t need/want affirmation or sympathy from people who want me to think otherwise because i’ve accepted that i can’t like everything and and sometimes its about more what happens along the way than the finished product. generally i feel the best about a drawing while i’m doing it or when i’ve just finished and it kinda diminishes from there. i hardly post things right away so by the time i do i’m not too impressed by it any more.

honestly, i’m content with how i feel about what i make and i know maybe it isn’t the best way to go about things. theres definitely a push in the art community to love your art and be proud of it and what not but for me i don’t have to love what i make to enjoy it


Decellurized pig heart or “ghost heart’. Decellularization is a processed tissue treatment by which cells are discharged. This is a technique being developed that may eventually produce organs for transplantation, composed of a patient’s own cells. The idea is to take a donor organ and strip it of all its cells, leaving nothing but the extracellular matrix that held the cells in place. This scaffold of connective tissue—called a “ghost organ” for its pale and almost translucent appearance—can then be reseeded with a patient’s own cells, with the goal of regenerating an organ that can be transplanted into the patient without fear of tissue rejection.

Decellularisation has actually probably been around for a good 30 years now, I’ve never heard it being called a ghost organ though! Personally I don’t think decellurised organs have too much to offer the field of tissue engineering because as great as having an ECM is, you still need to seed it with cells and it’s not just one type of cell either (there are a ton). They have to be arranged in their different levels of organisation within in the matrix for the cells to actually work together to form a functioning heart (which we can’t even say we’re close to solving). And they would have to be derived from the patients own cells to prevent immunorejection and cells take time to expand and those derived from stem cells aren’t performing at a level that could even be considered for a properly functioning heart.  Not to mention you have a whole bunch of contaminants because its near impossible to wash out the detergents used to clear out the old cells.