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living the anime life!! pink buns for easter!
Anonymous asked: whats your twitter ^u^

sweats its isoghost omg sry i can’t even link you because i don’t kno how to link the twitter page

swe ats how do you even use twitter h el p me

Anonymous asked: hi! i noted you a while ago about it but there's this girl on dA selling the commissioned pixels you did of other peoples OCs as adoptables for points and paypal, i saved a bunch to see their file names and they've been ripped straight off your tumblr :(

hiya! ah thank you! i can’t seem to find the note but it would be great if you could send over the info again. sorry for the trouble!

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wahhh finally have these up ;0;

Cakes (1963), Wayne Thiebaud. A happy painter. One of my favorites.


Snow Flakes by thomaswievegg


A woman’s courage-Ink on Claybord 11.5*15.5”My piece for Out of the Shire, a Tolkien inspired show at Gallery Nucleus. (look at that line-up!!). Opening on December 14.(Did a first piece featuring Gollum, screwed it up, had to start another one … and I went with the first scene that popped in my mind. Hope the show isn’t nothing but Eowyns or Witch Kings…!)
wanna see close-ups?


Drew my bike

Lots of new work to come!
"Intrusive Thoughts."
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