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true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


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streaming again

and we’re back in business!

An additional note


Reblog = when you hit that little reblog arrow that posts a copy of the original post to your own blog with links back to me. I get notices when you do and when people reblog it from you and if anyone leaves additional comments.

Repost = when you download the image(s), either from tumblr or elsewhere, and then upload them in a fresh post. I get no notifications at all and it’s more difficult for people to find my blog should they have something to say about the art or want to see more.

I would never ask anyone not to reblog my art. You can do that all you want. That’s what tumblr’s built for and if I didn’t like it I would not be here.

However, reposting is rude as it removes the original creator from the process, credit or no. It’s also unnecessary in my case since all my art is already on tumblr.

I know a lot of people simply don’t understand the difference, or they think tumblr is like a photobucket where they can just upload anything they like. I never want anyone to feel discouraged for a simple mistake or misunderstanding. However, there are some people who do it just to get notes, or in malicious ways where they want to insult the art or take credit for it, so this is why I don’t allow it.


Do not repost my shit.

Do not repost my shit.

Do not repost my shit.



living the anime life!! pink buns for easter!
Anonymous asked: whats your twitter ^u^

sweats its isoghost omg sry i can’t even link you because i don’t kno how to link the twitter page

swe ats how do you even use twitter h el p me

Anonymous asked: hi! i noted you a while ago about it but there's this girl on dA selling the commissioned pixels you did of other peoples OCs as adoptables for points and paypal, i saved a bunch to see their file names and they've been ripped straight off your tumblr :(

hiya! ah thank you! i can’t seem to find the note but it would be great if you could send over the info again. sorry for the trouble!

icon for steamed-bun

not free for any use (repost, copy, trace, reference etc)

left belongs to homuah
right belongs to soapweed

wahhh finally have these up ;0;